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The Winner

Learn a bit about the winners of this year's Anatomical Art Exhibition!

Congratulations to Deborah Magnoni
Winner of the UCL Anatomical Art Exhibition 2022 for their piece, Jane Doe: An Autopsy.

The judges felt this piece was very thought-provoking and drew their attention immediately. They thought that it's interactive elements and multi-faceted approach to the theme encapsulated what the Anatomy Art Exhibition should aim towards.

A bit about Deborah,

Who are your favourite artists?

- Bernini
- Caravaggio
- Renoir

What is your favourite organ?

The brain (especially the hypothalamus)


Description of the piece:

"She lived (un)happily according to society's expectations and died of (un)natural causes." The pressure, the expectations and the objectification of a woman's body can be unforgiving, creating an insidous lack of emotional satiety and palpable lingering diseases.


Congrats to the runner up,
Kenji Yip Tong for their piece, A Neo's Progress

A bit about Kenji,

Who are your favourite artists?

  • Kim Yip Tong

  • Charles Arthur Feuvrier

  • Vivien Grothe

What is your favourite organ?

  • Bones


This artwork fascinated all the judges, particularly due to it's attention to detail and ambiguity, leaving the artwork up to observers' interpretation. 

IMG_8684 (1)-min-min.png
A special mention to 
Amanda Hertzberg 
for their piece

coming at third place.
DF21E6FA-9EF4-42E7-90BB-086CAAE4ACD7 - Amanda Hertzberg.jpeg

Description of the piece:

When thinking of the theme for this years’ exhibition there is one case of truly unforgiving bodies that sprung to mind, namely the one of feeling like your entire body does not belong to you. Wanting to sculpt with clay, I decided to create bodies about to undergo surgery. The colour choices were meant to distract from the cold and clinical atmosphere and invoke a sense of pride in the markings that will become future scars.


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