The Winner

Learn a bit about the winners of this year's Anatomical Art Exhibition!

Congratulations to Noemi Duroux & Frances Clark,
Winners of the UCL Anatomical Art Exhibition 2021 for their piece, Surreal Body No. 5; Decomposition.

The judges felt this piece was very intriguing and drew their attention immediately. They thought that it especially encapsulated the theme of this year's exhibition, Surreal bodies, very well.


A bit about Fran,

Who are your favourite artists?

Edward Burntynsky, Annie Lebowitz, Willem Verbeek

What is your favourite organ?

The skin


A bit about Noemi, 

Who are your favourite artists?

Martin Parr, Micheal Rakowitz, Louise Bourgeoise 

What is your favourite organ?

The heart

Description of the piece:

“Surreal bodies no.5; Decomposition” was made using a collection of Noemi’s film photography, paying specific attention to her photo of a pigs carcass in a butchers market. A piece of clear plastic, meant to represent the glass casing off a butchers, was layered on images of various fungi, insects, and landscapes. Red and green paint render some images unrecognizable. This collage explores how decomposition turns familiar living things into something almost abstract, and alien to the eye. 


Scan1 2 - Noemi Duroux.jpeg
20210211_122306 - Natasha Maitland-Davie
Congrats to the runner up,
Natasha Maitland- Davies
for their piece, Anatomy Lesson

Description of the piece:

As medical students, it can be particularly interesting, and a little strange, to be taught about conditions which affect us personally. For me, covering the spine and spinal deformities in an anatomy practical session was one of these times - it gave me a new insight into my own anatomy. I’ve tried to depict the experience in this drawing, using a scan of my own scoliosis (a sideways spinal curvature) as a reference.

This artwork fascinated all the judges, particularly due to it's attention to detail, subtlety and the idea of using oneself as the subject of study.