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The Judges

Learn more about our esteemed judging panel for this year's Anatomical Art Exhibition.

Dr Wendy Birch


What is your favourite organ?

I know that this may be bending your definition of an ‘organ’ slightly. However, as a forensic anatomist, I use the skeleton, particularly the teeth to help identify human remains. I have picked the enamel organ (also known as the dental organ). My favourite artist is Hans Holbein the Younger. However, this often changes, usually depending on what I am researching.


Who is your favourite artist?

Currently, I am researching memento mori and the ‘dance of death’, which Holbein illustrated. I am also totally fascinated by his painting ‘The Ambassadors’. This painting shows an ‘anamorphic skull’ at the bottom centre of the painting, which can only be seen clearly as a skull if you look at the painting from the right angle.

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