Awarded Merits

Learn a bit about the pieces who received merits from the judges.

Well done to the following artists for receiving merits from the judges. 
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Naomi Keenan for Hand Anatomy

Description: Inspired by dissecting the hand during anatomy sessions in medical school, and the surreal moment of holding the dissected cadavers hand with your own.


Media: Charcoal


Dimensions: 42 by 25 cm

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Georgia Spring for Unmatched

Description: With this painting I wanted to demonstrate the magic diversity of bodies and their representations. One side inspired by my anatomy lab dissections is a realistic painting of organs and muscles of the body. Contrastingly the paired side is a painting from a photograph that I took. I wanted to emphasise the beauty of the curves of the human body.

Media: Acrylic paint on canvas with charcoal


Dimensions: 41cmx51cm

Sphenoid Bone - Tsara B.jpg
photo_2021-02-11_03-18-47 - ziyad Hussai
photo_2021-02-11_03-18-53 - ziyad Hussai
Ziyad Hussain for Neuro Fabrica and arabic codex
Tsara Boakye for A Sphenoid Bone

Description: Black and gold watercolour on paper, mounted on A3 black card. This piece was created in the Rorschach or Ink Blot test style that was famously created by Psychologist Hermann Rorschach. Rorschach used the Ink Blot test to determine a person’s emotions and personality. Ink Blot tests and the body exhibit many, almost perfect lines of symmetry but also slight deviations from this. What these deviations mean – whether in a Sphenoid bone or on the page – can be up for interpretation similar to an Ink Blot. However, as the gold watercolour highlights; there is beauty and individuality in them all.


Media: Watercolour


Dimensions: 29.3 by 31.5 cm

Description: I'm a medical student who is obsessed with anatomy, I was trying to reflect the beauty of human anatomy and histology (macro and micro tissues), and to reflect the art that made in the past ages in accurate way! You can see how beautiful they are..!


Media: Paper work art that I mixed them with coffee to get the texture of manuscript then I burned the edges.

Dimensions: 21 x 29.7 cm