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The Unforgiving Body

Find out more about the theme for this year's Anatomical Art Exhibition.

Artists have been championing the depiction of the unforgiving body, from painting scenes of revenge, such as Judith beheading Holofernes, to contemporary exhibitions showcasing plastination. 


In modern times, artists like the renowned Frida Kahlo have expressed the medicalised and painful experience of living with chronic disease, while the photography pioneer Cindy Sherman  subverts the visual shorthand used to classify the world around us using visceral imagery.


With the influences of social media and of course, the COVID-19 pandemic indelibly tied to our artists' work this year, we are proud to present a series of paintings, ink renderings, digital drawings, collages, studies, photographs, sculptures, and poems that will make you marvel, despair, and look inwards as you think about your own anatomy and that of others around you.

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